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Tourifique: Privacy Policy

Why this Privacy Policy?

Tourifique is vigilant and committed towards the protection and management of User’s Personal Information. Thus, Tourifique has implemented this Privacy Policy that aims to safeguard the Personal Information of all the User(s).

This Policy, which is an integral part of Tourifique’s Terms of Use, describes inter alia Tourifique’s procedures for the collection, processing, disclosure, and protection of the User’s Personal Information when the User uses Our Platform. This Policy also intended to guide User(s) about their privacy rights. Under this Policy, we have also suggested how a User can contact us in case they have any issues/doubts.

Please note that We use User’s Personal Information to inter alia provide them with the service(s) available on the Platform in the best possible manner, improvise the overall usage of the Platform and to carry out other processing activities outlined in this Policy.

This Privacy Policy shall not be applicable to third-party websites/apps that may be linked to Our Platform. Users are requested to refer to respective third-party websites/apps' privacy policies to understand how their Personal Information will be collected and processed by such websites/apps.

This Privacy Policy shall be read along with the Terms of Use and all capitalized terms used, but not defined herein, shall have the respective meanings as ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

How are You bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy?

By using or accessing the Platform, You agree to the collection and use/processing of Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This collection of information is necessary to provide the services on our Platform. If you do not share those, we will not be in a position to provide services. In case of any doubt reach out to us on

Terms referred to in Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

Account means a unique account created for You on the Platform to access Our service or parts of Our service.

Company (referred to as either "Tourifique", "the Company", "We", "Us" or "Our" in this Agreement) refers to Tourifique. Inc., it’s parent company, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or any other body corporate related to Tourifique.

Cookies are small files that are placed on Your computer, mobile device, or any other device by Website/Platform, containing the details of Your browsing history among its many uses.

Device means any device that can be used to access the Platform such as a computer, a cellphone, or a digital tablet.

Personal Information is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable User who is a natural person and that is shared by such User while availing services available on the Platform. Tourifique collects this from the User for the purpose of providing services on the Platform and fulfilling its different legal obligations. Please refer to pointer 5 (What type of Personal Information is collected by Tourifique?) for detailed information.

Platform means Website and other related webpages, mobile applications and mobile site.

Privacy Policy/Policy means and includes this document and amendments that may be made to this document in future. This shall also include any other document that Tourifique may come up with in future around this policy.

Social Media Platforms refer to platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. that are used to communicate with the Company in different scenarios and/or to create a login account on the Platform.

Supply Partners refers to the sellers listed on Tourifique’s Platform including affiliates and other business partners.

Third Party Vendors refers to third-party companies or individuals that may be engaged by the Company for the smooth and error-free performance of the Platform. These third parties may also be engaged by the Company for better facilitation of services available on the Platform which includes analysing Your usage of the Platform.

Website refers to

You/Your shall mean the User.

Why does Tourifique collect Your Personal Information?

Tourifique is a platform that connects a User with the Supply Partner and facilitates bookings of different experiences and events listed on the Platform by the Supply Partner. Accordingly, the Personal Information and other related information are collected by Us to inter alia help Us provide You the services available on the Platform and also to carry out other processing activities outlined in this Policy.

What type of information is collected by Tourifique?

Personal Information:

The Personal Information that We collect about You depends on various variables including but not limited to the context of Your interactions with Us, the products, services, and features that You use, Your location, and the applicable laws. The Personal Information collected by Us can be divided into two heads i.e. Non-Identifiable Personal Information and Personally Identifiable Information.

"Non-Identifiable Personal Information" is information that cannot be used to identify You or a person in specific. This data could also be anonymous in nature. This data includes but is not limited to aggregated data around the use of services available on the Platform, masked IP addresses etc.

"Personally Identifiable Information" is information that is personally identifiable to You and that can be used to distinguish or trace Your identity. This information is also collected by Us in order to provide You with access to certain features of Our Platform. This information includes but is not limited to information such as name, social security number, date and place of birth, phone number, address, email ID, payment/card details etc.

Automated Information:

When You access Our Platform, some of Your information gets automatically captured. This automated information that We capture falls under the Non-Identifiable Personal Information category. Following are the broad types of information that get automatically captured:

All the aforesaid information captured automatically is used for the following purposes:


Additionally, We also use different types of cookies to track Your usage of Our Platform and store certain information that further helps us to provide You with more personalized services. There are certain cookies that may get placed on Your Device because of Your usage of any services available on Our Platform.

Broadly, We use two different sets of technologies under this head i.e.:

These Cookies stored on Your Device can be "Persistent" or "Session" Cookies. Persistent Cookies are the ones that remain on Your Device even when You go offline, whereas, Session Cookies are automatically deleted as soon as You close Your web browser.

We use both Session and Persistent Cookies for the purposes set out below:

For what do We use Your Personal Information and with whom do We share it?

Your Personal Information collected while You access Our Platform is used only for lawful purposes and with an aim to provide You the services. We do not sell or rent this information to anyone nor do We share Your information with any third party, unless otherwise provided under the applicable law and specified in this Privacy Policy and/or other than as necessary to fulfil Your request.

The Personal Information collected from You is used in the following manner:

We share Your information with various third parties, including parties in third countries outside the United States of America, for purposes as mentioned hereinbelow:

Apart from the scenarios enumerated hereinabove, Your Personal Information may further be disclosed, if required:

Some of the third parties/vendors may choose to retain some of Your Personal Information. However, that is for limited purposes to provide You with services in compliance with the Terms of Use. Please note that these third parties/vendors have informed us that they are compliant with respective privacy laws and have a detailed privacy policy in place. If You want to know about these third parties/vendors you can raise a request by writing on and we will try to address such requests in best possible manner.

User generated content and social media platforms:

Any content that is uploaded, submitted and/or posted by Users including but not limited to reviews, ratings, chats or discussions on the Platform or any social media platform is collectively referred to as, "User Content". User shall be solely responsible for the authenticity and correctness of all the User Content.

User Content posted by any User is visible to the other Users accessing the Platform or the social media platform where such User Content is posted. User agrees to have no objection regarding the same.

We may allow Users to create an account on the Platform using their personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Google etc. In such a scenario, We may capture some of Your Personal Information from Your social media account like Your first name, last name, email address, phone number, etc.

Further, when You interact with us on social media or through Our posts, We may collect and process the information that You may provide us during such interactions. This may happen when You "Like", "Share", or "Retweet" a post, leave a comment, or submit other content on Our social media platform. The processing of data in this regard is done in compliance with relevant privacy laws and to provide You with the best of services. Please also note that upon such usage of social media platforms, the privacy policies of those social media platforms and the privacy settings You have made with those social media platforms will also apply.

Data collection from Children

As per Our Terms of Use, We suggest that only a person who has attained the age of majority shall make the booking on the Platform. However, there could be certain scenarios where a booking will be made for children by a person who has attained the age of majority. For such scenarios, We would like to state that at Tourifique We value the privacy of everyone including children. If We receive the Personal Information of a child/ minor, We ensure that such information is processed lawfully and to the extent that consent is received for processing such information from a person of majority. In the event Tourifique becomes aware that the User is a minor or below the legal age to consent in the jurisdiction concerned, Tourifique reserves its right to terminate all services to such User/ Account without any prior notice.

For how long do We keep Your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information is retained on Our servers for such a period as may be required to meet the purpose for which such information was collected. However, We may retain Your Personal Information for a longer period, if in case required by law. Where Your personal data is no longer required We will ensure it is either securely deleted or stored in a way which means it will no longer be used by the business.

How do We protect Your Personal Information?

We have put in place reasonable security measures to keep Your Personal Information guarded against any form of unauthorized access. Under this process of keeping Your Personal Information guarded, We have deployed security protocols as well as technical and physical limitations on access. Please be assured that Your Personal Information can only be accessed by authorized personnel who are permitted to access Personal Information in the course of their work.

Where do We store Your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information is stored in personnel files or within the electronic records (on servers in the USA or other countries) of Tourifique.

Your rights towards Your Personal Information

If You have a data privacy request, such as a request to delete or access Your data, please contact us at We shall appropriately address Your request and respond to the same within the relevant statutory timeline. You may also request a copy of the information that We hold about You by sending Your request by email to In case You have a complaint regarding the processing of Your Personal Information You can reach out to us on the same email ID.

When handling any of these requests described above, We have the right to check the identity of the requester to ensure that he/she is the person entitled to make the request. In case of any complaint/disputes, You have the right to contact the supervisory authority of Your choice.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may update Our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify You of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. We will also put a "Last updated" date tag at the top of this Policy, whenever it stands updated. You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.


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